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What I’m Listening to

What Bitcoin Did 

Hosted by Peter McCormack, a talk show about everything in the world of Bitcoin.

Citadel Dispatch   & Rabbit Hole Recap 

Matt Odell and Marty Bent talk Bitcoin, Mandibles.


Coinkite's NVK talks about the latest in Bitcoin software development.

Making Sense with Sam Harris 

Neuroscientist, philosopher and author Sam Harris discusses religion, philosophy, the nature of mind, meditation, politics, intellectualism and psychedelic mushrooms in this podcast, through thoughtful and intense discussion with a guest.

Near-enough every single episode of Harris’ podcast is worth your time; but here are a few that really stand out:

The Lex Fridman Podcast 

Fridman, a lecturer and researcher at MIT has guests on his podcast to discuss AI at an intellectual, rather than technical level. Covering AI safety, nature of mind, conciousness, and leading figures in the field of AI, he also broadens the scope of the podcast to talk physics, maths and whatever else will generate an engaging and thoughtful discussion.

Within Reason 

Hosted by Alex O'Connor, covering philosophy and religion.

The Joe Rogan Experience 

The JRE Podcast is well known and widely followed. I tend to only listen to the political, pholosophical and technological episodes.

Comedian and MMA guru Rogan will have pretty-much anyone on his podcast, a reputation that has helped the show become the-place for opening up discussion on any topic, controversial or not.

These are a few stand out – and infamous – episodes from the show:

Recently been Reading


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